Dove si trova Peniche

Friends of Almagreira House well reunited with the news of our guesthouse boutique in Baleal. Today we will answer one of the big questions about the surfers’ paradise in Europe: where is Peniche ?

In fact, those of us who have never had the pleasure of spending a holiday in Portugal may not know this little village on the coast of Portugal only 1 hour away from Lisbon. So we thought we would offer you some useful geographical information about the location of Peniche.



Where is Peniche

Peniche is a small Portuguese municipality of 27,315 inhabitants belonging to the district of Leiria and located on the west coast of Portugal. Located about 1 hour by car from the capital Lisbon, it is easily accessible by public and private transport. From Lisbon you just need to go up in a northerly direction towards Oporto, the second largest city in Portugal, which is about 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Peniche.

As already mentioned, the fishing village of Peniche is bathed by the ocean and thanks to a particular combination of wind, climate, waves it is able to provide different types of waves to surfers of different abilities, throughout the year.

Baleal con vista drone

Peniche belongs to the Portuguese district of Leira, which consists of 16 municipalities in total. Among them there are two other renowned tourist resorts in Portugal such as Nazarè, Obidos. The first in particular has now become an icon in the world of surfing thanks to the gigantic waves that form at one of its beaches. Obidos, on the other hand, is a characteristic medieval village, a destination for international tourism and certainly one of the places to discover in Portugal,

Below is a complete list of the municipalities in the district of Leira:

  • Alcobaça
  • Alvaiázere
  • Ansião
  • Batalha
  • Bombarral
  • Caldas da Rainha
  • Castanheira de Pera
  • Figueiró dos Vinhos
  • Leiria
  • Marinha Grande
  • Nazaré
  • Óbidos
  • Pedrógão Grande
  • Peniche
  • Pombal
  • Porto de Mós


Peniche on the map

We complete the information regarding the geographical position of Peniche through the map below. You can notice the short distance from Obidos, as well as Lisbon (1 hour) and Sintra, another place to visit absolutely during your Portuguese stay.

Mappa Peniche



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Enjoy your trip to Peniche!

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