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The name speaks for itself ! World-class spot and undoubtedly the best beach break in Portugal. Supertubos has become a favourite stop on the world.

Long, heavy, gas-filled tubes are guaranteed as well as a few shut-down, close-outs, such is the speed of this wave.

There can be a few lesser peaks further along the beach to help dilute the concentration of bodyboarders and local tube-seekers, but there’s no escaping the crowds.


Cabo Carvoeiro is one of the major fishing ports of Portugal and a large Atlantic center of maritime and tourist activities. The cliff north of the city offers a wonderful view of the archipelago and the coast is spectacular with breathtaking ocean sceneries.

The Fort is a fortress managed between the 16th and 17th centuries to defend the coast and played an important role in various periods in the history of Portugal, but it must be said that in more recent times, during the Estado Novo, the fortress was transformed in prison for political prisoners, in which some of the most important public figures of resistance to the dictatorial regime were imprisoned.

The lighthouse is one of the six guaranteed lighthouses that created the lighthouse service for Portugal and one of the oldest still in operation. Consisting of a quadrangular masonry tower, located 57 meters above sea level and 27 meters high.


The fortifications have an irregular shape because of the rocks at the base of the walls, which consist of four defensive ramparts. The fortress rises up from the rock to the south of the peninsula of Peniche, which was once an island.

The Peniche Fortress is located in the municipality of Peniche in Leira District, Portugal. Built on the site of the former Castle of Atouguia da Baleia, where some vestiges of it still remain.

Its defensive walls surround the area of the fortress, that has served a number of functions including that of a political prison during the authoritarian Estado Novo regime.

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Housed in the Fortress of Peniche, it is an excellent museum even though it is unfinished. English and Portuguese documentation and very well curated, it worth visiting even tho will be completely finished by December 2020. (The former political prison of the pre-revolutionary "Estado Novo" (New State).

The Peniche Museum has a section dedicated to the anti-fascist resistance movement, as well as collections of archaeology, underwater archaeology, malacology, the artistic estate of the architect Paulino Montez, boatmaking and local handicraft.


Baleal is on a peninsula within the bigger Peniche, a small town 10 minutes driving from it. It has the most consistent of all the breaks on its doorstep and an excellent reef break, Lagide just two minutes walk. Red Rocks - another excellent but less sheltered beach break - is just another 10 minutes up from Lagide.

Supertubos is the most famous break in the area but one that only rarely works well. If you wish to surf in this area, Baleal is - without doubt - the place to stay.

It is in and around Baleal that you will do 99% of your surfing. But Baleal is not just it, is food, jaw dropping cliffs a place for niche sports as Skating, Sup, Paragliding and the Meca for Yoga lovers, and last but not least an unmissable walk on a strip of a road extending towards the Baleal island to the Penisola for a magical sunset time.


Berlenga, is and unquestionably one of the most popular spots to visit in the area. During the summer season, which is roughly the end of May to mid-September, several boat companies offer a ferry service from Peniche Marina to Berlenga, the main island in the group.

If you are visiting in peak periods, it is probably a good idea to make a reservation online or buy a ticket in advance from one of the cabins at the marina.


You’ve probably never heard of Óbidos, but if you’re book lover, you should add it to your bucket list.

It has recently become a hot spot for book-lovers due to the infamous hotel, The Literary Man, which opened back in October 2015, and a few months later in December 2015, Óbidos was nominated a UNESCO city of literature.

With its white buildings shining as brightly now as past times, the walled city of Obidos is a popular destination, its hillside location offers amazing views of the Estremadura area, and the medieval castle is a one of a kind.


Nazare, named after the Biblical “Nazareth” in the 4th century, is Portugal’s most visited fishing village. Nowadays is relevant as well in the world of big wave, tow-in surfing.

The tallest wave ever recorded being surfed – by a Hawaiian big-wave surfer – was off Nazare, normally waves reach up to 30 metres during winter.

The best view is from the top of the cliff perched over the beach, from there, you can see a beautiful panorama of the coastline and the town. It is also worth a visit to the Church of Our Lady with its two bell towers.


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