Foto di Peniche

Pictures of Peniche in Portugal

Friends of Almagreira House we are ready to tell you new useful information about the beautiful Peniche. Today we will show you some beautiful photos of Peniche trying to tell you, through a series of quality shots, which are the … Read More

Taxi a Peniche

Taxi Service in Peniche

Friends of Almagreira House here is for you a new article through which we will discover Peniche, the European surfing paradise. Today’s post is dedicated to the taxi service in Peniche, of which we are going to discover the main … Read More

Posizione Geografica di Peniche

The climate in Peniche during the year

Dear friends of Almagreira House today we will talk to you about the climate in Peniche, offering you the honest opinion of city residents during the 12 months of the calendar year. We decided to talk to you about the … Read More

Surf Shop a Peniche

Surf Shop in Peniche: the full list

Friends of Almagreira House today we will talk about the surf shops in Peniche. In fact, we are going to find out which are the shops specialized in selling products related to surf. In particular: boards, technical equipment, casual clothes … Read More