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Friends of Almagreira House here is for you a new article through which we will discover Peniche, the European surfing paradise. Today’s post is dedicated to the taxi service in Peniche, of which we are going to discover the main companies operating in the city and we will provide you with the direct references necessary to contact them once you arrive for your holiday in Portugal.

If you have not chosen one of our complete holiday packages including transportation to and from the station of Peniche, please take a look at this article where you will find the phone numbers and web references of the taxi service in Peniche.

Let’s see now the situation in detail, analyzing the classic service present in the city, as well as some useful app that could be useful to you both in Peniche and in one of the big cities of Portugal like Lisbon or Porto.


Servizio Taxi a Peniche



Taxi Service in Peniche: local business

The first list of contact details regarding the taxi service in Peniche concerns the local companies operating in the city and the surrounding areas within the district of Leira. Below you will find all the private taxi companies that can take you to your accommodation in Baleal in a few minutes.

Here is the official list of companies operating in the area:

  1. Táxis Macatrão | Rua da Restauração, nº3, RC Direito | Tel: +351 910 447 566 | Website
  2. Vip Táxi | +351 917 296 771 | Website
  3. Taxi Nando Peniche e Oeste de Portugal | +351 966 493 925 | Website
  4. Taxi Peniche Baleal |  +351 914 631 627 | Website
  5. TAXI IN | +351 916 819 094 | Website
  6. Taxis Baleal | +351 918 590 479 | Website
  7. Auto-táxis Papoa Lda | Praça Jacob Rodrigues Pereira 7 | +351 262 782 687
  8. Jacque & Carvalho Lda | +351 262 968 821
  9. Taxis & Transfers | +351-919-917-827 |  Website
  10. Taxis Miguel Pinto | +351 919 917 827
  11. Go Taxi | +351 916 819 094 | Website

Uber servizio taxi in Portogallo


Taxi Service by Mobile App

Also, as you know, there are several mobile phone applications through which you can book your taxi service in Peniche or around Portugal. If you are in Lisbon, for example, we can recommend the service offered by Uber, the company that has changed the way of operating in the taxi transport sector in recent years.

Uber will allow you to book any taxi in the area through your mobile phone. Through the GPS service the taxi driver will know where to find you and in a few minutes will take you to your destination. Through Uber you can also decide to pay either by credit card associated with your profile or by cash.

Using Uber is really simple and below we show you the necessary steps to install it on your phone and start using the service.

  1. Look for the application in the authorized stores for your mobile phone: Apple StoreGoogle Play
  2. download the application to your mobile phone
  3. create an account to which you can associate a credit card or Paypal account
  4. enter the destination you want to go to
  5. meet the driver of the race after checking all the details
  6. After the race, evaluate the driver and the service.



Hoping to have provided interesting details about the taxi service in Peniche we remain available to improve the post through your useful updates.

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