Vita Notturna a Peniche

Friends of Almagreira House, well found with a new article in our blog dedicated to holidays in Portugal. Today we will explain something about the nightlife in Peniche, offering you a wide selection of clubs in the city where you can relax after a day of sport, spent between a surf lesson or a yoga session. If these two disciplines are of interest to you, we recommend that you take a look at the holiday packages on our website designed for you.

But now let’s start with the analysis of the best clubs: bars, pubs, discos where you can go out with friends and have a little party! As always, we would like to offer you a selection of nightclubs in Peniche according to their geographical area so that even those who have to book a taxi service in Peniche can still move freely and without problems.


Festa a Peniche e dintorni


Nightlife in Peniche and surroundings


  • Baleal Cocktail Bar – Av. do Mar 97, 2520-061 Ferrel – Close around 03.00
  • Bar Beach “Bar da Praia” – Baleal s/nº, 2520-619 Ferrel – Close around 04.00
  • Bar Bocaxica Surf  – Avenida da Praia, Baleal, 2520-051 Peniche– Close around 24.00


Bar e Pub a Peniche - Mappa


Peniche city centre

  • Aviz Bar – R. Alexandre Herculano 80, 2520-273 Peniche– Close around 03.00 / 04.00
  • Mystic – R. dos Hermínios 30, 2520-294 Peniche – Close around 02.00
  • Taberna Remedio Santo – 
  • Berlenga’s pub – Av. do Mar, 2520-326 Peniche – Close around 03.00
  • Marks Caffè – Escadinhas de Santo António 4, 2520-492 Peniche – Close around 04.00
  • Java House – Rua Doutor Manuel Ribeiro Ferreira 14, 2520-619 Peniche – Close around 03.00
  • Remedios Lounge Bar – Estr. dos Remédios 28, 2520-641 Peniche – Close around 23.00



  • Riclè Bar – R. da Paz 14, 2520-128 Ferrel – Close around 06.00



  • Clube da Praia – Av. do Mar IA3, 2525-150 Atouguia da Baleia – Close around 20


We have included images of the maps for bars and pubs as well as discos located in the surrounding area, to make it even easier for you to find the best nightlife in Peniche.


Discos around Peniche

Chapter aside for discos in the Peniche area. Some of them are located outside the city centre and you will need to have a means of transport to reach them. Anyway we offer you a list of those present in the area.


Mappa delle discoteche a Peniche e Dintorni


  • Rio Club =  6,, Av. de Moçambique 4, 2530-767 Lourinhã
  • Discoteca Faraò = R. do Seixo, A dos Cunhados
  • Discoteca Ourico = Tv. do Caminho Novo 7, 2655-252 Ericeira
  • Discoteca Mau Maria = discoteca maumaria, 2560-232 Torres Vedras
  • Ocean Spirit = R. Dr. João de Barros 1, 2560-487 Silveira
  • VerãoSão = Urbanização Simão 23, 2460-084 São Martinho do Porto
  • Casablanca Club 6 Disco = R. de Arouca, 2460-080 Alcobaça
  • Sunset Disco Bar = R. da Fiação e Tecidos 26, Maiorga



Hoping to have provided you with useful information about your next holiday in Portugal, we invite you as always to share the post if you like, and email us your experiences and suggestions. As always our contacts are the following:

Enjoy your stay in Peniche!

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